Sunday, January 10, 2010

А кто изъ васъ, милостивые государи, угадаетъ изъ какой аглицкой пiесы сiи отрывки?

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

“With toe-nails of verdant and forester’s green
With a hey-nonny-no and a hey-nonny-nonny
Blow thrice on my toe-nails and I’ll be thy queen
And ever preserve me as thine, blithe and Bonnie.”
I pray you, sir, blow.

Marry! But here’s a lady of good interest, whose toe-nails are the very green of the common hump, where grass doth grow and where country lovers do foot. Whither shall I blow, maid? For I am but a traveling tumbleweed, and may well be carried by any wind, e’en south.

I mean only the wind in thine own maw in this case; blow, then, serve your turn and cool my hot temper.

Sayst thou that I must blow upon thy foot, painted lady?

I ask this deed of you thrice now; and that which a damsel craves constantly is the service of a tongue most moved in capability. Look to my foot; I cannot reach that far. Blow, wind!

I fear thy charms. Will not thy consort mind
If I bestow his lady fair my wind?

Nay, there’s naught for which Oliver carest;
He mindeth not, for he’s a nihilist.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Nay! I do protest, and draw my sword;
It shall teach thee to disobey my word.
Mark none but none into that bowler’s frame,
Else thou shalt enter into a world of pain.
A world of pain, think upon’t; unhappy world!
A lake of fire, rich with damnèd souls,
Gulfs of anguish ‘twixt vales of agonies.
Mark me; we stand at twisted, jealous gates
Of cast-iron, above which, in vulgar tongue, reads
“Here is a world of pain, thou enterest thus.”
My steel before thee, ‘tis the last of keys
That might could lock these doors, and keep thee
From this world of pain, or with one flick
Ope its mashing maw, and summon winds
To cast thee down within; an excellent key!
Farewell to earthly delights, farewell to friends,
To fellowships and follies and amends.
The choice to spare thy passage through these trials
Is thine alone; take heed, I entreat thee,
And turn thy back upon this world of pain!


  1. Ой, какая прелесть. Вывешу у себя.

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